How to regain fitness after corrective osteotomy?

Corrective osteotomy is a revolutionary procedure that can be an alternative to endoprosthesis in some cases. Osteotomy is performed in patients whose degenerative changes are not yet very advanced, but drug treatment and rehabilitation are not successful. Patients qualified for the procedure must meet a number of indications that increase the chance that the osteotomy will be successful and return to physical activity. What does recovery from surgery actually look like?

Important first hours

Immediately after the osteotomy procedure, the joint is swollen and painful. The joint may also be stiff. Therefore, after surgery, measures should be taken as soon as possible to improve the condition of the knee joint. Continuous Passive Motion therapy, or continuous passive motion, can be such an intervention. It uses special CPM rehabilitation splints. With them, you can perform passive exercises, but without involving your muscles in generating movement. The splint is used 2 to 3 times a day for 1 to 3 hours. The first effects of the therapy are a reduction in swelling and the need to take painkillers. The CPM splint should be used for up to several weeks after the procedure. The exact time will be determined by the physical therapist based on the patient’s individual progress.

For an effortless start – stress relief

For the first few weeks after surgery, the joint should not be stressed. This means that no weight should be placed on the treated leg when moving. It is for this reason that the patient should walk with the support of elbow crutches. Most often they are used for four to six weeks, but this depends on the progress of rehabilitation. Patients who work hard for their recovery can expect faster results. At this stage, exercises that put stress on the knee joint are out of the question. Rehabilitation mainly takes place in a lying or sitting position.

To run. Ready? Takeoff!

Eventually, the exercises with the rehabilitator become increasingly intense and taxing on the operated knee joint. The average return to physical activity after corrective knee osteotomy takes three months. This time is strictly dependent on the course of rehabilitation. People who don’t exercise with a physical therapist and don’t use CPM splints take longer to get back into shape and face pain complaints for longer.

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